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The Health Benefits of Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaning Company in Orlando, Windermere, and Winter Garden, FL.

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Floor Cleaning – It is not a well-known fact, but every year, there are as many as a million hospital visits related to the health hazard of neglected dirty carpeting and other unsanitary floor issues. Fungi, bacteria, mites and other pollutants cause everything from allergic reactions to lung problems. The best way to avoid being part of this troubling statistic is to hire a professional floor cleaning company that specializes in sanitation and green cleaning solutions.

We are just that sort of company, and we work hard to protect families and employees from the many dangers lurking unseen in residential and commercial properties. There are many health benefits involved in having regular floor cleaning services.

One of the lesser-known benefits of hiring a professional floor cleaning company is the improved air quality in the home that results from a good floor cleaning. Even The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported about the link between carpet cleaning and improved indoor air. Extracting pollutants that have settled into the carpet keeps them from being shuffled up with each step and being inhaled into the body. Routine vacuuming is very ineffective at reducing the level of toxic particles, in part because many of them can pass right through vacuum bags. The hot water extraction methods used by Dream Clean Orlando. are superior to vacuuming for removing the chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins, bacteria, endotoxins, and viruses found in most carpets.

Besides having cleaner indoor air quality, floor cleaning is essential for keeping surface contaminants that can cause skin irritations, colds, the flu, athlete’s foot  and other health risks under control.  Let the experts at Dream Clean Orlando keep your family healthy through regular floor cleaning services.

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